We believe in being

Beautiful & Simple

Small and medium sized venues

When you’re on a solo gig, addressing a small to medium seminar or jamming with a small band only needing 10 channels of adjustable audio, then try renting our Fender Passport Venue. Transportation is made easy with it’s suitcase style PA. But don’t let the size fool you, it boasts 600 watts of power and that’s the tip of the iceberg. 2 preamp boosts for instruments without, amplifying the signal and giving you more headroom.

A usb input/output allows the user to play tracks off a thumbdrive or record the session. This especially comes in handy when revisiting past performances and making the necessary adjustments. A 2 band EQ with adjustable reverb, 4 channel XLR inputs with phantom power, easy access to compartments to hold microphones and cables cords. This PA system is a great place to start when you’re ready to make a big statement in a smaller room.

We believe in being

Beautiful & Simple

Medium to Larger sized Venues

When you need a sound reinforcement system that won’t let you down, it’s always a good call to start with us. Standing behind the quality of the QSC name, we’ve invested in the QSC KW152s, QSC KW181s and the QSC TouchMix-30 Pro. Using QSC’s class D amplifiers on the KW series, five speakers can be placed on one fifteen amp circuit and function without any worry. The QSC K series has been hailed as having a very neutral and balanced sound throughout its production, making it a standard in the active speaker community.

The TouchMix-30 Pro will be a walk in the park when it comes to ringing out the room or EQing it with pink noise and a RTA mic. It’s revolutionary feedback wizard is a big sigh of relief for all users, using an algorithm to pinpoint the troublesome frequency and either having it adjusted manually or automatically. Not only will it save the front house’s neck, but the audience’s ears as well. If you’re wanting to dive deeper into the audio wave, it can delivers hands on controls for the advanced users. It also offers simple mode for the ones who are just starting off.

Having presets arranged by some of the best in the music business provides ease of mind, and less time wasted adjusting filters, compressions and effects. Delivering the best sound is made even easier when you choose us. With Future investments in the QSC KLA 12s, we’ll be sure you’re Sound Reinforcement needs are met no matter what the size of the venue is.

Stage Lighting

DMX Programing: Using DMX protocol to program lights through Chauvet DJ’s ShowXpress software. We’re able to deliver what you need in your stage performance. Having  4 DMX universes, you can be assured that all your lighting needs will be taken care of no matter what the demand. From par cans, to led strips, intelligent lights, atmospherics, strobes, effects and lasers, we have all the lights required to create a stunning display for your audience. Hang the lights you desire on one of our two choices for trussing. A Classic Goal post look of either a 11×8 or 20×10 feet will support what’s needed. Totem and lighting trees are also available if trussing isn’t required. Take your sets to the next level with a light show your fans won’t forget!

Sound Switch

SoundSwitch is a software/hardware solution that at this moment works exclusively with the DJ software Serato. It allows a DJ to design a light show consisting of one DMX universe and stores the lightshow into its metadata. When the hardware is connected to Serato and is running the software, it reads the metadata and plays back the light show in real time.

Who is SoundSwitch for? Any aspiring DJ who is looking to add a new element to their shows. Hip Hop Groups can take an extreme advantage with this new product. Creating more drama for their songs and allowing the group to get big time production from a lower budget.

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“I’ve spent hours searching for the right theme for my projects only to be disappointed with poor design and overcrowded features. With Divi and Josefin, my search is now over!”

– Jane Doe

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