Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Published On: May 26, 2023

When it comes to your wedding day, better safe than sorry should be your mantra! Having all your just incase necessities handy can turn a disaster into a laughable moment. On the big day, consider all the problems that may occur, for example, from forgetting to put deodorant on to spilling something on your wedding dress.

To help you out, we’ve round up some must haves in your emergency wedding kit. Stash it in your dressing room, and have one of your bridesmaids in charge of it. (Hey, they are here to help!)

  1. Blister Block & Band-Aids – All day in heels can be a bummer on any occasion and we can’t have it rain on your big day! To make sure you can make it to your first dance in heels (even if its for a few minutes,) pick up some blister-blocking balm & band-aids. You can rub it on your heels & toes to reduce friction from your shoes.
  2. Antacids – Keep a pack of Tums or Pepto Bismol on hand in case you get some last minute nerves, or the hors d’oeuvre don’t agree with your stomach. The antacids will quickly relax an upset stomach in seconds.
  3. Bobby Pins – Even the most secure up-do can sometimes get out of hand, and fall flat as the day wears on. To keep everything in place, a bit of bobby pins can easily do the trick.
  4. Dry Shampoo – If the bobby pins don’t do the trick, have some dry shampoo with you. After dancing all night, you could use a quick touch up after a sweat session. This will be a total game changer.
  5. Tissues & Make Up removers – Crying at your own wedding is a given so be sure to have some tissues by your side as well as some make up removers to give your face a quick retouch.
  6. Nail File – Breaking and chipping your nails is inevitable, even if you got your nails done the day of your wedding. Filing down the chipped nail can erase a broken or chipped edge.
  7. Deodorant – It’s a pretty busy day, there will definitely be a few things that you may forget to do. If it happens to be putting on deodorant, fear not – you’ve got that in your emergency beauty bag.
  8. Make Up – Perfect for a quick touch up after a tearful ceremony or after your maid of honors speech.
  9. Blotting Papers – Lets not deny it, everybody’s face can get a bit oily after all the activities of the day. Certain lighting and excess dewiness can give off an oily looking face in photographs. These blotting papers will come in handy when you need a quick touch up.
  10. Tied to go stick – There tends to be a lot of red wine flowing at weddings. A tied to go stick can be your ultimate savior from any wine spill disasters.

Now that you’ve heard our wedding day emergency kit must haves, remember that it’s all about being prepared and having the most stress-free day as possible! What would they recommend to keep in your emergency bag?